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Get discounted consumer shopping sprees, digital products, services and all things travel!

How can you earn with Tazew?

Tazew Compensation Plan


Tazew Tree

We've activated a Fortune 500 model 2X12 Matrix!

Dynamic, lucrative and fun!

More money for YOU!

  • A one time setup fee of just $40
  • Monthly $29.95 Tazew product purchase
  • $25 one time fast start
  • Pays $1 per level, 12 levels deep
  • 25% Check Match on all personally sponsored
  • Another 25% Check Match on anyone THEY sponsor

*Qualifications for Matching Bonus:

1st Generation Check Match sponsor 4 (Legend)
2nd Generation Check Match sponsor 12 (Rock Star)

Once you hit Legend or Rock Star, you never lose your status or your checkmatch!




Get Paid To Shop

Your private VIP membership gives you access to discounts and cashback on everyday items including groceries, dining, apparel, insurance, local deals and more.

Major corporations use this platform for their executives and their employees!

Average member savings and cash back are over $400 per month and over $5000 per year!


Get Paid To Travel

According to Bloomberg, travel will represent a $15.5 Trillion Economy by 2033 - $3 Trillion in the USA alone!

Save money and make money too!

Tazew VIP Travel offers unbelievable deals on everything travel, from weekly stays to overnighters, you will have more money to spend on excursions and tickets (which we get you deals on too!) you can afford to bring the whole family!


Get Paid To Share

Save money and make money! When you share your VIP experiences with others, you earn sales commissions from our Fortune 500 Corporate Matrix.

Tazew brings to you the best of everything for building your business with a 100% turnkey marketing system, complete with 3 daily live 12 minute zoom calls to close your prospects on your behalf AND optional access to VIP call center verified interviewed leads!

Our Private VIP Tazew Travel Club

Unbelievable Deals On Staycations, Family Vacations And Dream Vacations!

Whether you want to get away from it all for a night at a local hotel or take the family to a tropical location for fun in the sun, we've got your covered!

Tazew has deals that will take you and your family to exotic locations for weekly stays for a price that will make you start packing your bags!

Rent a car, see a show, do some shopping... you know you are living the VIP lifestyle!

Here are a few examples for you to view:

Weekly Stays

(Take note: some sleep 4, some sleep 6!)

Our "VIP Member's Only" Cash Back/Discount Hub!

Major corporations use this platform for their executives and employees!





Never have consumer savings been more needed; the price of day to day living, just driving to and from work every day and putting food on the table can put a strain on a family budget.

At our Discount and Cash Back Hub, you not only save on day to day necessities like gas, groceries, apparel, dining, house and car insurance but you also get money back to spend on the things you want to!

When it's time to take a break you can also find local deals, tickets to events, all things related to travel and that's just the beginning... you earn cash back too!

Now you have cash in your hand to go for a night out on the town, or better yet to that tropical dream vacation you've been wanting to take! Now you're living life on YOUR terms!